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Our Picks

  • Under analysis



    Click & Play

    With Plugin, booking a tennis court is now easy! The online reservation service proposed by the Swiss startup is making life easier not only to athletes, but also to sporting clubs

    Industry : Sport

    31 votes

    150'000 CHF


  • New opportunity



    More than a brand, a Symbol of Excellence

    Pavando is a swiss luxury brand which creates tailor and hand made bracelets

    Industry : Luxury

    1'500 CHF

    500 CHF
    Min. ticket

    150'000 CHF

  • Under analysis



    SWISSMOTEL, the new Swiss hotel chain!

    Swiss Motel is the "Easy Jet" of hotel industry, with a high quality offer and low cost prices.

    Industry : Real Estate

    19 votes

    500'000 CHF


Bee Invested is more than crowdfunding, it is

A growth accelerator

We help startups and innovative SME's getting funded and follow their dreams. We make them growing faster and better.

A unique investment universe

Get access to early stages startups, previously restricted to institutional investors. With an entry investment ticket starting at 1'000 CHF, invest in swiss innovation just like business angels.

A strong community

The Hive is our community of entrepreneurs, investors and partners, all dedicated to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Join now the mouvement !

A strict selection process

We are screening the swiss market to bring you the best investment opportunities

Safe transactions

Investors and Entrepreneurs are connected in a simple, direct and secure way

Responsible investments

Invest in the real economy, support key innovative actors and help creating jobs

What we can do for you

You are an investor

You are an investor,

and you are looking to invest in innovative companies, to create jobs and why not being a shareholder of the next Google or Uber?


You are an entrepreneur

You are an entrepreneur,

and are looking for to fund your company.  Well you are at the right place


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